Lootah Biofuels, was founded in 2010 in Dubai to address the growing demand for alternative fuels in the region. Keeping in line with the UAE’s vision for sustainable development, Lootah Biofuels aims to introduce and innovate sustainable solutions for the long-term energy requirements. By rapidly growing production capacity, strengthening distribution channels, and redefining Biodiesel quality, Lootah Biofuels will continue to expand the reach of Biofuels that are sustainable and environment friendly.


Our mission is to deliver economic, operational and environmental benefits. for long-term customer satisfaction and sustainable growth.


We aim to research, develop and produce sustainable biofuels – clean, reliable alternatives to fossil fuels for transport that deliver real reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and help to improve security of energy supply.

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The Lootah Biofuels app makes it easy for people to dispose of their used cooking oil responsibly. The app allows users to request a collection of their used cooking oil, which is then transformed into sustainable biofuel. This helps to reduce the amount of waste cooking oil that ends up in landfills and incinerators.



The CEO of Lootah Biofuels is Yousif Bin Saeed Al Lootah. A young and enthusiastic CEO, Mr. Yousif Lootah oversees Lootah Biofuels’ daily operations in the UAE and globally as well as the company’s strategic direction, growth, and expansion. With the intention of introducing and innovating sustainable solutions for the long-term energy requirements of the UAE and beyond, Mr. Yousif Lootah launched Lootah Biofuels. Prior to introducing Lootah Biofuels, Mr. Yousif was actively involved in the sustainable initiatives such as the Green Car Program which has seen a great progression since its inception, starting from conversion of part of company fleet to Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), followed by the use of Hybrid, Electric, Biodiesel and Solar vehicles in recent years. In the GCC market, Mr. Yousif Lootah seeks a target of 70% of transportation come from renewable and sustainable sources by 2025. To minimize the carbon footprint of the transportation industry, he wants the United Arab Emirates to be the first nation in the region to make the use of biofuels blends mandatory in all public stations. Many of the company’s ecological initiatives were the brainchild of Mr. Yousif. Following the successful creation of biofuels from waste management, Mr. Lootah recently went one step further and signed agreements with educational institutions to raise awareness and provide training for the region’s youth, motivating them to make small but impactful changes to their daily lives and make a difference.



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Sharjah Industrial
Area 11

AL QUSAIS OUTLET, Industrial area # 3.

AL QUOZ OUTLET, Industrial area # 4

Dubai Investment Park -

JABELALI OUTLET, Industrial area # 2

Al Khabaisi Outlet,
Abuhail, Deira

DIC Plant
Dubai Industrial City

Abu Dubai



Lootah Biofuels has successfully given a practical and viable solution to produce biofuel from Used Cooking Oil. The result is less expensive, renewable and clean fuel We are one of the biggest UCO collectors authorized by Dubai Municipality and the only one having our own fuel outlets across Dubai We pay for the UCO collected, thus giving an incentive to UCO providers Our main sources of UCO are restaurants, bakeries, food chains etc. By efficiently converting UCO waste into biofuel we help the Municipality in disposing UCO waste safely which could have resulted into alarming sewage problems As a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, by converting UCO into fuel we prevent it entering into the food chain again UCO has the highest carbon saving ratio amongst all the available biodiesel feedstock

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